Our Travel Index

09/03/2018 | Blogging | By Hunter Alexander | 0 Comments

A directory is only as affective as its categories are discrete, right? Our site is broken into five search experiences. Users can narrow their search within Destination, Adventure, Lodging, Airline Service, and Disability Services categories. See below for a short description of each track.


Destination—The destination category is broken first into continents, then into popular countries. From there, you can find your destination city. Clicking on the appropriate link will direct you to the website for that particular city or for the country’s ministry (or leading organization) of tourism.


AdventureThis is an experience-based category. If you want to travel based on your love for cycling, finishing, hunting, climbing, diving, or hiking, this category will allow you to plan around this interest. In clicking on the link to a particular activity or adventure, users can view the top destinations and experiences by country.


LodgingDo you know they type of lodging you want? Whether you plan to spend the night at a riverside campsite or in a five-star luxury hotel, this search tool will allow you to search by lodging and overnight experience.


Airline Service—Your vacation is only possible if the destination is accessible. This category allows you to search by country and city. When you click on a destination, you can browse all airlines that travel to and from the closest airport.


Disabilities Services—This category involves travel agents, tour guides, and tour operators who offer special disability services. This includes escort services, adaptive technology vehicles, and close/immediate access to medical care in the case of an emergency related to a chronic illness.