Top 10 Travel Destinations

16/05/2019 | Blogging | By Hunter Alexander | 0 Comments

Are you a travel fanatic? If the answer is yes, then here are the top 10 travel destinations you should consider visiting this year and a few reasons why.

Colombia: a place you just have to visit, with its plenty of momentum, friendly people, Colombia has a natural beauty and a country that is fun and safe to explore.

The coastal Caribbean city of Cartagena has great tourist infrastructure mixed with its colonial architecture and history. All the major cities here have fairly large International airports, and flights are often easier and cheaper.

Panama: when you mention Panama, what comes in the mind is canal. While you may not hear much about it, this country has lots of tourists’ attraction sites than canals only. Panama has a little bit of everything to offer travelers from the lush jungle highlands to excellent surf ad beaches on the pacific side. Add the mix friendly people with diverse and rich culture and you have yourself an equation for a perfect destination.

Cambodia: Siem Reap is just a bit south of Bangkok and it offers a far more authentic and less slick look into the culture while still having well developed infrastructure. One of the benefits here is Angkor Wat temple complex, most visitors use it as a staging area for their time.

Argentina: Bariloche in Argentina is a city jammed with winter and summer activities. Its stunning scenery in almost all directions makes it popular among those touring different places in the region.

Australia: the island of Tasmania in Australia though it’s a small state is enough to keep most travelers occupied for the entire trip, with its incredible landscapes, national parks, nature reserves and world heritage sites are just but a few great options to fill your days in Australia.

Bangladesh: This is definitely a place worth to look for when travelling to Asia. The capital city Dakar is the obvious place to start with, the people here are welcoming and friendly. The port city of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar the worlds longest beach are some of the must go places in Bangladesh.

Italy: travelers need not to be told to go to Italy, but many people need to be told about the many big Italian Island besides Sicily. Sardinia is one of them; it has long been a vacation destination for Italians. It’s a haven for anyone who loves the outdoors. Senegal- If you are looking to explore the real Africa you should consider visiting Senegal as your entry point. Its fascinating and easily accessible culture makes it a safe place to be.

Germany: fun loving? Berlin in Germany is fairly filled with interesting and amazing new tourist attraction. It has plenty going for including a feel that is somewhat exotic compared to some other countries.

Syria: Damascus in Syria is one place where you can feel like you are truly stepping back in time. It is the oldest city in the world but this part of the city looks, smells and sounds like it did long ago. It’s full of history and credibly affordable.